Dolphin Memories



Congratulations to all of the MS Science Fair winners !!!⭐️

601: 1st: Jack F. 2nd: Nevaeh D. 3rd: Kevin R. HM: Nicolas M.

602: 1st: Alondra C. 2nd: Noe A. 3rd: Hannah K. HM: Alan O.

603: 1st: Yamaris M. 2nd: Marc S. 3rd: Kristopher V. HM: Marcus B

701: 1st: Sarah S. 2nd: Brian H. 3rd: Gabrielle T. HM: Andrew H and Amahri B.

702: 1st: Delaney S. 2nd: Edris A. 3rd: Maria C. HM: Marcela S.

801: 1st: Meg L. and Edwardo A. 2nd: Faith M. 3rd: Alexis H. HM: Meryem B.

802: 1st: Brianna B. 2nd: Heidi O. 3rd: Steven L. HM: Alejandro A.



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