Hello OCPA Family:

It is that time of year where a new PTSO Board is to be elected. This is your opportunity to get connected with OCPA and your child’s activities. Research shows children whose parents are involved get better grades and have an overall better experience in school. Our OCPA PTSO Board makes a difference every year. We coordinate and produce programs that help the students, teachers and administration. We welcome you to join us!

The Board meets once monthly. Additionally, they hold general meetings for PTSO members and OCPA parents.

Please send your nominations for the following positions to by July 15, 2018 at midnight.  A brief description has been provided for your review:

President – Prepares meeting agenda and presides over meetings, works with board members and committees, designated signer of the PTSO account,

Vice President – Acts as assistant to the President, performs duties of President in the case of absence, serves as coordinator of Membership Committee, reports to General Membership, designated signer of the PTSO account.

Recording Secretary – Records minutes at executive board and general meetings, presents minutes of previous meetings, posts minutes to board, administration and teachers for review.

Corresponding Secretary – Keeps accurate contact list of board and members, attends to PTSO correspondence, sends notice of upcoming meetings and events to the parent-teacher body,

Treasurer – Keeps accurate record of all receipts and expenditures, serves as Chairman of the Budget Committee, presents and submits Treasurer’s report at all meetings, signs checks

Parliamentarian - Acts as a consultant to insure that meetings and processes are conducted in accordance with bylaws; advises on parliamentary procedures using Robert’s Rules of Order; brings current copy of Constitution and By-Laws to all meetings.