Option A & B Information

Return to Learning

As we launch the 2020-2021 school year, the health and safety of our students, staff, and families is a top priority. Our goal is to provide parents a choice for the best option to meet their child’s education needs. The CSA RISE Plan (Restarting through Innovative Sustainable Education) provides two distinct options for learning:

  • Option A – Learning at the school building, 5-days a week 
  • Option B – Learning at home via the online Innovative Learning Plan - a more robust version of our successful online learning Spring program

At A Glance Overview

CSA schools will reopen according to a charter school reopening plan approved by the school district that is consistent with Executive Order
2020-EO-06 issued by Florida Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran and Executive Order 20-52 issued by Governor Ron DeSantis.

Option A

Full-time in-classroom, in-person instruction, 5-days per week

Return to traditional school day on campus with in-class instruction provided by the classroom teacher. Special considerations will be in place to ensure students' health and safety. This instructional model affords students the opportunity to return to school, in-person, to participate in traditional school activities such as classroom discussions and live interaction with teachers and classmates.

This selection is committing to a grading period minimum; a semester maximum.

Option B

Full-time Innovative Learning Online
5-days per week, full-day of instruction

Full-time, Innovative Learning online instruction for those students whose parents are concerned about their child returning to school full time or for students who may have underlying medical vulnerabilities. This option provides the same instructional content, pacing, and depth of exploration to students on-line as those on the physical campus. 

This selection is committing to a grading period minimum; a semester maximum.

Please note – All students will be moved to the Innovative Learning online program should local health conditions prevent the physical reopening of traditional school at the regularly scheduled reopening date. If infections at a reopened school location require some or all of the students to be in quarantine, those students will be shifted to the Option B delivery of educational services for some or all of the semester.