Orange County Prep

Orange County Preparatory Academy is located near the University of Central Florida campus, it is a tuition-free public charter school, and a proud member of the Charter School Associates' family of schools. OCPA has a STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, focused curriculum for Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School students.

Middle School students can take advantage of the Galileo Program to earn High School credits among many other benefits. Cambridge is for advanced studies however, all OCPA students benefit from the programs approach to develop learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged.

Mrs. Teresita A. Nieves, Principal

Mrs. Teresita A. Nieves has been an educator for 18 years. She joined Charter School Associates in 2007, as a Math teacher and Department Head, at The Charter School at Waterstone. In 2009, she earned a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction in Math Education. That same year she also became a Math Coach and implemented the Concrete/Semi-concrete/Abstract approach to teaching Mathematics. This approach increased math scores across the CSA network of schools in its first year instruction. In 2015, she became the Math Curriculum Supervisor for CSA, training other Math Coaches in the CSA Approach and working with principals to improve their Math scores.

Mrs. Nieves has a progressive philosophy of education, “I believe students learn through hands-on exploration and inquiry, and I believe real world application creates more meaningful learning experiences. My goal has always been to help students become confident, independent learners, by instilling in them a love for learning and a drive to solve problems.”

Asst. Principal



Orange County Prep


Dr. MacMurdo has been an educator for 11 years and has a mix of experience from early education through secondary education in K-12 schools. She has also spent two years teaching mathematics as an adjunct professor. Dr. MacMurdo has a strong background in mathematics education, research, curriculum, and instruction. Dr. MacMurdo earned her Masters in Secondary Mathematics Education at University of Central Florida and Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction through Capella University.

Dr. MacMurdo conducted research to improve mathematics education through enhanced student learning experience and teacher guided support aiming to ensure that every student receives a 21st-century education. She focuses on the incorporation of communication, collaboration, technology, and problem-solving skills in curriculum and instructional development. She also believes that student success relies on the opportunity to think critically and acquire confidence through multiple learning approaches. Dr. MacMurdo’s curriculum and instruction philosophy encompasses diversity, and she strongly believes, “Everyone has something unique to offer, diversity is a treasure… therefore, education requires a creative and flexible approach, where students diverse learning styles thrive.”


Mission Statement

The mission of Orange County Preparatory Academy is to provide students with a challenging program which emphasizes scientific inquiry, critical thinking, understanding of mathematical concepts and effective communication using innovative, reform-based instructional methods in a stimulating and nurturing environment that fosters maximum student achievement.



Orange County Preparatory Academy is an Cognia accredited educational institution. Accreditation through Cognia indicates that OCPA has met rigorous, research- based standards of  educational excellence to ensure the education program offered at OCPA meets the needs of learners through proficiency in Leadership Capacity, Learning Capacity, and Resource Capacity. Using these standards, OCPA targets areas in each domain for continuous improvement in creating student success.